Tru-Trac Rollers (Pty) Ltd. is the leader in providing solutions to problems experienced with conveyor belts. Our product range includes tackers for the alignment of belts, scrapers, impact beds, skirting rubber, mechanical belt fasteners, belt repair and safety products. Tru-Trac® products are designed around patented and proven technology. This is backed-up by a worldwide distribution and support network. Tru-Trac® products are reliable, maintenance free, operate in all conditions and are simple to install. They will save you money by protecting your conveyor belt and enhancing productivity.

The Tru-Trac Tracker System for conveyor belt alignment improves safety, increases production, reduces downtime, reduces damage to belt edges and structure, increases conveyor lifespan, reduces labour intervention and power consumption. Additionally, due to the superior performance of Tru-Trac Trackers, they can be placed further apart when compared to that of competitor products. This results in Tru-Trac customers having to purchase fewer trackers per belt length and enjoying the financial savings associated with quality products that handle more and last longer. Tru-Trac can be operated on both wet and dry belts, from slow moving, reversible to high-speed and high-load belts. Trackers can be installed either beneath or on top of belts and can last under heavy conditions, also offering unique solutions for aggressive environments like Polyurethane lagging and thrust bearings.

Next in this innovative product range is Tru-Trac’s conveyor belt scrapers (cleaners). Tru-Trac Scrapers ensure the effective removal of excess materials being carried on the return side of the belt. Some of the main advantages of the Tru-Trac Scraper is that they are safe and non-damaging to conveyors, while providing an excellent clean, even in extreme conditions as they are self-adjusting and provide good life span.

Additional innovative products in the Tru-Trac Rollers product range include our slider impact beds and slider trough frames, which protect conveyor belts in the loading zone. The main features of these products are that they are built for strength and durability, yet they are quick to install and easy to maintain.

We offer both continuous skirting and block type segmented skirting. One main advantage of our multi-seal continuous skirting, is that you can achieve double the lifespan by inverting the skirting once the one side has worn. Our bestselling skirting product is the Tru-Trac block skirting solution. This product has proven itself to far outlast any other skirting solution in the market place, while providing an excellent seal.

We are proud to announce the success of our latest product line, the Tru-Rivet Fastener system. Our system is compatible with existing rivet hinge fastener systems yet provide better value for money while maintaining a high-quality build and design which is robust, scraper friendly and delivers excellent lifespan.

Our next product is called Tru-Belt-Fix and is a locally manufactured, single-part product based on thermoplastic elastomer technology for quick conveyor belt repair. It is easy to use and apply, quick to set, doesn’t require any specialised training to apply or special equipment. Above all it is safe, non-toxic and is competitively priced.

Last but not least, Tru-Trac has recognised the importance of ensuring safety in the workplace. Our Safe-Guard line of conveyor safety products are specifically designed to help prevent on-the-job injuries and minimise the hazards associated with conveyors.

Let’s now look at advantages of dealing with Tru-Trac Rollers and the successes that have come from our technology systems for conveyor belt optimisation.

Starting off, Tru-Trac Rollers is the OEM manufacturer, patent holder and distributor of our conveyor belt product solutions. We have a network of trained and qualified service teams throughout South Africa to maintain our products. This means that Tru-Trac customers have peace of mind and the added convenience of dealing with one servicer provider to cater for their conveyor belt requirements. Tru-Trac is proud to have expert installation technicians, trained to install systems directly at their customer’s mines and to assist mining personal with product training and handling. An added service that not all competitors provide. Technical Sales Representatives are also part and parcel of Tru-Trac’s value proposition, they provide industry leading belt surveys and recommendations on solving misalignment problems for potential customers.

Tru-Trac Rollers has been operating for over 22 years and has won multiple industry awards such as the Gauteng Exporter of the Year in Small Manufacturing Sector award, SABS Design award and the STBG German Safety award for Innovation. So there is no doubting that Tru-Trac Rollers are world leaders in their field of expertise.

Additionally, Tru-Trac is the only supplier of conveyor belt trackers in Africa to offer a performance guarantee, considering that our tracking systems is a proven patented technology operating successfully throughout South Africa and in over 60 countries worldwide. It’s safe to say that Tru-Trac customers are in good hands. Staying true to our mission statement, Tru-Trac continuously strives to stay competitive with leading product innovations such as the FRAS Fire Retardant Rubber Lagging technology that has been approved in Australia for use in fiery mines, which is a significant achievement considering that Australia has the strictest safety requirements worldwide.

With an extremely low product failure rate of less than 0.5%, which is backed up by our product warranty, there is no risk when investing in Tru-Trac conveyor belt systems. Tru-Trac rollers is also dedicated to the research and development of our product range, constantly improving production techniques, enhancing our existing product range and developing new innovative solutions.

All-in-all, Tru-Trac Rollers have a very impressive approach to business; focusing on product and service excellence, convenient turn-key solutions and never keeping still by ensuring innovation is at the core of our existence. A good recipe for a business in any market.

Tru-Trac® – providing the best conveyor technology solutions for you.

Some additional key facts about Tru-Trac products include the following; Tru-Trac systems do not damage conveyor belts whatsoever when tracking (aligning) and scraping (cleaning) the belt. Each Tracker can be individually adjusted to achieve the optimal belt tension and performance on the tracking system. The Tracker centralises the belt on the same plain of the belt and does not lift the belt, resulting in no risk of damage when the decking plate is close to the conveyor belt. Some technical jargon for our already acclimatised readers and if all of this sounds like gibberish to you, then make sure to contact Tru-Trac Rollers today and we’ll gladly assist you with any query you may have relating to conveyor belt systems.