Tru-BeltFIX is a locally manufactured, single-part product based on thermoplastic elastomer technology for quick conveyor belt repair. It is easy to use and apply, quick to set, doesn’t require any specialised training to apply or special equipment. Above all it is safe, non-toxic and is competitively priced.

Instead of having to replace entire conveyor belts, or sections thereof, with the associated high costs of splicing belts and long downtime thereof, Tru-BeltFIX provides a quick temporary solution to repair damaged belts within 30 minutes*.

The product is non-toxic, environmentally friendly and can be safely and easily applied above or below ground and even on incline conveyors.

Tru-BeltFIX is solid at ambient temperatures, and with the application of heat, the material becomes fluid-like and has an easily workable consistency in its melted state. It can be easily shaped to fit any tear, hole and upon cooling the product returns to a solid state.


  • Can be shaped to fit most tears, holes and impact damage.
  • Quickset time 30 minutes*.
  • Can be reheated and remoulded .
  • Non-Toxic, Non-flammable.
  • 100% Environmentally friendly.
  • Safe to use underground.
  • Easy application on all conveyors.
  • Cost effective.


Tru-BeltFIX Application Instructions

Application steps 1
Trough Load Tracker 2
  1. Prepare the damaged area by cleaning it with a wire brush to remove any loose particles, using a sharp blade carefully trim any loose edges. Perform this step on both sides if damage has propagated through the entire thickness of the belt.

  1. Chamfer the edge of the damaged area (on both sides if applicable) using a sharp blade to increase the surface area to which the Tru-BeltFIX can adhere to, and clean the area again.

  1. If the damage has propagated through the entire thickness of the belt, attach aluminium foil tape to the underside of the belt, and if necessary reinforce with duct tape.

  1. Heat the damaged area using the heat gun to remove any moisture.

  1. Method 1 Pour a thin layer of Tru-BeltFIX pellets into the damaged area. Slowly move the heat source over the pellets until they begin to melt, taking care not to expose the pellets to the heat source for too long. Method 2 Pour pellets into a clean tinplate steel can (e.g. coffee tin) and heat pellets to melting point, taking care not to expose the pellets to the heat source for too long. Once melted pour the liquid Tru-BeltFIX into the damaged area.

  1. Repeat Step 5 until Tru-BeltFIX has filled the cavity and is slightly raised above the belt surface. Using a heated spatula, spread the Tru-BeltFIX until a smoothish surface is obtained.

  1. Allow to cool and set for approximately 30 minutes* before starting the belt. Once the product has cooled, it will become hard. Repair is now complete and the belt can be started

* Curing time is variable depending on repair size and ambient temperature

Tools required

To apply the Tru-BeltFIX, a standard heat gun can be used and other readily available tools. We do however offer a Tru-BeltFIX Belt Repair Kit consisting of: Tool Box Heat Gun Spatula Stanley Knife Wire Brush Leather Gloves Aluminum Foil Tape Duct Tape

Technical Specs

  • Tensile Strength
  • Elongation at Break: 400%
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Shore Hardness: 77 Shore A +/-5
  • Operating Temp: -40°C TO 100°C
  • Softening Point: 157° C
  • Peel Strength: 52 (+-2N) / 25mm
  • Non-Toxic, Non-flammable
  • 100% Environmentally friendly